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What does the future of high-rise buildings hold? 


In the spring of 2015, first year architecture students at Texas A&M investigated and designed vertical communities that impact overall skyline of Manhattan. Manhattan's skyline is universally recognized. It can be seen as a timeline of the history of skyscrapers. By examining the relationship between the city’s skyline and its skyscrapers, the students were asked to consider their designs as highlights along this timeline.


The goal was to transition from intellectual design concepts to a tangible and physical model. The models were made by pouring liquid Rockite into a formwork, and then allowing the cement to dry into a solid. After making concrete models, the students 3D-printed their models to explore and compare the digital and analog means of fabrication. 


Instructor: Alireza Borhani


Foundation Design Students:

Bond, Rebecca Haylea

Brown, Angela Marie

Carrion, Oswald Yariel

Fox, Sarah Elizabeth

Garibay, Luis Gabriel

Garza, Liliana 

Gonzales, Raymond Cruz Corona

Just, Ashley Elizabeth

Keenan, Angela Ryann

Lytle, Meggan Kate

Martinez, Karen Janeth

Olivo, Jose Arturo

Parker, Stephen Grant

Reyes, Katie Guadalupe

Rivera, Francisco Javier

Short, Mckenzie Danielle

Stallard, Ashley Marie

Taliaferro, Callista Anita

Taylor, Jordan Susanne

Vera, Victoria 

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